An Open Letter to Freedom

My Dear Freedom,

I know what it feels like to speak but not be heard. I can understand what you are going through. You’ve spent centuries trying to get your message through. And now you feel like walls would’ve been more receptive than humans. What you feel is completely justified.

There are many people on this earth that understand what you mean. But they’re hugely outnumbered by those that feel you shouldn’t exist at all. I disagree with those people. They’re idiots. They’re minds are artefacts of a bygone era. They believe that those who are inferior are meant to serve the superior. And mind you, these people exist in every nook and corner of the Earth. Bossy parents, bullies, thugs and criminals, terrorists,dictators and last but not the least, arrogant politicians. So even if the United Nations is doing it’s best to protect and preserve human rights, it’s best isn’t proving to be enough.

Freedom, you are a petty thief. I say this because everywhere you try your trade, you’re beaten up, wounded and sometimes even brutally murdered. So if you are being treated like a terrorist, you must really be a terrorist.

A year ago, I tried to fight for you. Hell, I wasn’t even fighting a supervillian, a dictator or a criminal. I was fighting my own people for you. That is when I realised. When I didn’t fight for you, I was happy. But when I did, the world made me miserable. Then I got around to thinking that if the whole world thinks you’re wrong then you must be. So this is the conclusion I’ve come to. It is criminal to aspire to freedom. But it is okay to hurt, bruise and kill freedom. Because then people are happy.

So this final sentence is the reason I’m writing you this letter.

I will be your murderer, freedom. And you will die a slow, painfully horrible death like you deserve.

Your Newfound Nemesis,                                                                                                                                  Human/ Slave


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