Huff and puff, life in the rough.

Nicotine is a chemical stimulant that relaxes the mind. It induces positivity and feelings of pleasure in the brain.

Eggplants, potatoes and tomatoes posses trace amounts of nicotine ( 200 nanograms per gram). Such amounts are healthy to consume. But an average cigarette emits about 2 mg of nicotine. So when you smoke a cigarette, you are taking in hazardous amounts of the chemical, which leads to a nicotine addiction and also various other ailments. This is all about nicotine.

But on the World Tobacco Day, it would be a waste to not discuss the most popular form of tobacco consumption – the cigarette. Tobacco is prepared by curing the leaves of the tobacco plant. These leaves contain 0.6 to 3 percent nicotine by weight. Being rich in nicotine, these leaves are finely cut and rolled into a thin sheet of paper. This forms a cylindrical object called the cigarette.

So a cigarette must only deliver nicotine to the blood stream, obviously. In Utopia, that would’ve been the case. But in fact, the burning of tobacco leaves in the cigarette creates a smoke that is no less than poison. It contains 4000 harmful chemicals, 50 of which can cause cancer. Also, the combustion releases carbon particles into the lungs which cause irreversible damage to the respiratory system.

A cigarette is death in consumable form.

Despite complete knowledge of the ill effects, people chose to subject their bodies to the torture that is smoking. And even if one puts aside the self harm, the harm caused to people around smokers is even more pronounced. So when you choose to smoke, you are in fact knowingly, killing yourself and the people around you. And if you search the terrorist’s thesaurus, that’s the definition of a suicide bomber.

So do you want to be a suicide bomber? Or you want to live your life with a working set of lungs? It’s completely your choice. But on the occasion of the World Tobacco Day, I would urge you to quit smoking. I would tell you to put your life back in order. I also know that if you’ve decided to let your life waste away, my words won’t change your opinion. Only you can change your opinion. I can only hope that any change you make, leads you to a full life and not tar filled lungs.


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