Parenting is the art of Parent-making.

Good parents raise their kids for success. Great parents raise them for parenting.

People have forgotten what it is to be a great parent. And all that remains of the field of ‘Parenting’ is just a matter of delegations. Parents nowadays outsource their responsibilities to various institutions. They rely on religion to teach their kids values, on schools to make their kids knowledgeable and on law and order to discipline their kids.

This blatant delegation of tasks is happening because parents are too engrossed in earning money. In the pursuit of being the providers, parents have forgotten how to raise kids.

But becoming a great parent isn’t impossible.

Of course, the  Art of Parenting is difficult to master, but is governed by a simple principle.

Raise your kids for parenting and success will follow.

This simple rule is the pillar of parenting. If you don’t agree, give me a moment to convince you :

According to nature, our purpose is to reproduce and further our species. We do that by becoming good parents and ensuring that our children survive. But what if you go the extra mile? Teach your kids to become good parents. This will ensure that their children will survive. By raising your kids for parenting, you have made them strong and intelligent. And more so, you have made them great parents, so that they raise their kids the right way. In doing so, you have not only ensured the survival of your children, but of your grandchildren too. You have done more than nature demanded of you. You have excelled in your role as a parent.

I’ve seen many people in my life who’ve knowingly or unknowingly followed this principle.  And one such person has been my mother.  Not once in my life did she treat me like a kid. She treated me like a parent-in-training. She imbibed in me all the necessary qualities that were necessary for being a great parent. And for that, I’m eternally grateful to my mother. Her timeless dedication in raising me to be a good parent, is the reason I am able to write this blog or do anything for that matter.

So, Thank you Ma!

P.S  – If my blog has survived the weathering of time, and somehow, my future child is reading it, I just want to say:

I’ll strive to be a good parent all my life. I will put you above everything else. I will spend a lot of time with you. And I will raise you to be a great parent. And we’ll have a lot of fun.

Can’t wait to see you, kiddo 🙂







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