The 365 day Vacation

I am an engineering student. And I spent the last year at home, on a vacation from college. Of course, I wasn’t expelled or forced to forfeit the year because of low grades. Infact, I was a good scorer. My parents and my professors expected good things from me. But I chose to take a year off from college.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy engineering. It was my own choice. And yet whenever I pictured my future, I never saw myself as an engineer. So I took a break from college to really evaluate what I wanted to be. And evaluate I did.

From the first day of my 365 day vacation, I spent hours reading up on several fields – investing, psychology,photography, literature, anatomy and what not. Also I joined a film library, where I learnt about Kurosawa’s directorial style. I shot an ad for Bisleri that is probably rotting away in some folder on my computer. I kayaked for the first time in my life, and realised what peace truly felt like. I got back to sketching, reading novels and philosophizing about the meaning of life.

People might be of the opinion that I’ve wasted one year of my life.  They aren’t wrong. They have a right to hold an opinion. And so do I, and my opinion is this : I haven’t wasted one year of my life. Because spending money (time) for buying things (intellect) isn’t a waste. It’s an investment with great risk, but great return too. And this past year, I’m honoured to say, I’ve invested 365 days towards the growth of my mind.

And whatever happens in the future, this year long vacation will be the most important milestone in my life. Every future success I will achieve, I will owe it to these 365 days, that have been the best 365 days of my life.


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