Old Cars tell many tales

It was a dark time in my life. And as usual,  I dealt with the situation by walking it out.  Walking always clears my mind and brings me at peace.

That night,  I saw this run down SUV draped in a plastic sheet. And to be frank,  no great euphemism or metaphor came to mind. The vehicle looked beautiful in that state.  So I captured it with my cellphone camera.

The condition of the car was beyond repair.  Every surface that made the car, was dented.  Its bumper was barely attached to the car.  From what I could see,  it looked like the car had suffered a severe blow to the right side of the Bonnet. The unattached bumper and the relatively unharmed doors on the right side suggest that after the bonnet was hit on the right,  the car swerved to the right and collided into something, may be a divider or another car. 

But since the left side of the car wasn’t visible,  what I’ve said is just an ambitiously speculative deduction. 

Anyway,  what ever the truer tale may be,  I found the case of the shrouded SUV intriguing enough to ink the beauty on paper. 


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