Romancing the rains…

The Sun is the ultimate source of all energy on the Earth. It is also the reason, our planet exists in the first place. So, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to call the Sun, Earth’s mother. And then comes the second most important source of life – water. If there was no water, life would be impossible. And I wouldn’t be writing this blog. But I wouldn’t exist even if there was no Sun. Then which of the two is more important?

To find an answer to this question, we must turn our minds to a simple metaphor.

The Parent and The Lover

Our Parents are the ultimate source of everything we are, in this life. They are the reason we exist and they are the nurturing force behind our actions. In principle, they’re the Sun to our Earth.

But as life goes on and our joy is scrambled by ambition, we become more and more weary of our parents. It is only natural, they have been in our lives even before we knew what parents were.  The Sun has been shining even before we were born. And if you have the fortune of living in a desert, you start hating the Sun. You have seen the Sun every single day of your life. Although it is the single most source of your existence, you can’t bare its monotonous glare anymore.  You start craving for rain.

And that is when rain comes, and so does love.

Our Lover is who breaks the monotony of our Parents. He\She adds a fresh angle to your life. Like the rain brings greenery with it. You begin to enjoy the downpour, the cool environment and gloomy skies.

But as is human nature, the desert dweller gets weary of the rain too. We can’t keep liking one thing for ever. After we get used to something we like, we become tired of it. So the desert dwellers starts craving for the Sun to shine again. And then the pendulum bobs back and forth between the Parent and the Lover.

So if you were to ask, which of the two is most important – the Parent of the Lover? the Sun or the Rain?

I would have no answer. I would only advice you to keep bobbing back and forth like a ceaseless pendulum. For a one can only live without blood as much as they can live without the air they breathe.



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