The World Where I Must Be


“Get me out of here!”

I scream, none heard.

I was born trapped,

In a shell, it really hurts.


There’s one way out,

Through a terribly tiny window,

Too tiny to crawl out,

Without breaking my bones.


So I push and shove,

See if the walls can break,

They stretch but don’t budge,

May be it is too late.


A while later, the struggle ends,

I’m exhausted and spent.

This is my doomed fate,

Trapped in a shell until the end.


But then a light shines through,

The window glows like a bulb,

Maybe there’s a world outside,

A world where I must be.


The window isn’t tiny anymore,

Not tiny enough to hold me,

I need to see the outside,

The world where I must be.


So I try and push through,

My bones crackle under pain,

Somehow I keep urging forward,

Telling myself to be brave.


There comes a point,

There’s no more space,

My body hurts like hell,

I’m trapped all over again.


May be I’m not meant to,

Be where I must be,

I’m not meant to see,

The world that I must see.


And yet the light keeps shining,

It never even slightly dims,

It is calling me, to the outside,

To the world of my whims.


Suddenly a rage bursts through me,

Now I don’t have a choice,

Either I die trying to get out,

Or perchance I live a free life.


My arms grow stronger at the thought,

A new energy flows through me,

I push through with all my might,

The window stretches around me.


In a last breath, I escape the shell,

My arms spread out into wings,

I fly out, like I was meant to,

Into the world, the world of my dreams.


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