The Engineer’s Manifesto

Manifesto –  a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer (individual/group/political party/government.

Engineers are a highly underrated component of modern society. And that is because not many people truly understand what engineering is about. So here is an Engineer’s manifesto, that in a concise manner, maps out the engineering philosophy.

The duties and principles of a true Engineer are laid out in the following manifesto:

  • Search for problems: The calling of an engineer is in solving the problems encountered in daily life. But not all problems are in plain sight or visibly evident. A true engineer must actively seek out new problems to solve.
  • Expectations into reality: The knowledge of theory gives us a solid base upon which to build our technology. But having a foundation doesn’t mean the building is ready. An engineer has to bridge the gap between theory and practicality.
  • Solve problems: Finding problems isn’t enough. A solution is necessary. An engineer must apply the basic sciences and devise a solution to a problem.
  • Create: Sometimes, a problem is so unique and untouched that no one ever solved it. At this juncture, the engineer must create a solution from scratch. This employs humanities most industrious personality trait – the desire to create something new. Thus an engineer must always be creative.
  • Modify: No solution is the best one. There will always be a possibility of a better solution. An engineer must recognize the potential for a better solution by looking at a previous solution.
  • Ease the efforts of life: Making human life better is the ultimate aim of all engineering practices. Above all a true engineer must aim to eliminate the pains of life.

By now, I hope that the person reading this has gained ,at least, some insight into an Engineer’s work. The luxuries that we enjoy, the free time we have, all of that is a result of Engineers all over the world, slaving their days off incessantly, to better the life of their fellow humans.

They ask not, but do deserve all the respect that we can give them. For the arsenal of a great nation wouldn’t have existed, if it wasn’t for the pen of a tinkerer.

Salute to these silent heroes!


2 thoughts on “The Engineer’s Manifesto

  1. I’d sort of like to add the bullet to learn from experience and do it better than last time.
    And I’m not sure about removing pain – much of what we learn comes through experiencing pain, physical or psychological.


    • Yes, Barry. I thought of including that.. But felt like it applied to everyone, not just engineers. But I agree with you.
      And when I wrote about removing pain, I meant removing discomfort.


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