A Nobler Birth

I just celebrated my 21st birthday. That means, from now on, I am legally permitted to drink. Also, I can  legally get married now. And not to mention, that my opinions are taken seriously as an adult. But despite, all of these handsome perks, I wasn’t at all excited about my birthday. Don’t get me wrong, I tried to be excited. I even put on my smiling face for the rest of the day. But the spark just wasn’t there.

That’s when it hit me. Hit me hard.

I need something nobler to celebrate. I wasn’t interested in celebrating my own birthday because it wasn’t my achievement. My mom had put in all the effort in the process of my birth. And that is exactly why the celebration felt out of place.

So I’ve decided now. I won’t celebrate my birthday from now on. Instead, I will celebrate a more nobler event – the day I achieve my life’s calling. (Whatever that may be.)

Imagine running a race, but not having a finish line. You’ll get tired soon, and give up. But if you have a finish line, and you can see it… that changes things. Suddenly you can see your goal drawing closer with your every step. And you start to visualise reaching the finish line. A new energy surges within you, as you pace towards your goal with hope that you will reach it.

The finish line is what makes the race exciting.

Our ambitions are the driving forces behind our lives. They propel us, keep us on our toes and keep us excited about the future. And that is why, the event of achieving your life’s calling is a moment of grand celebration – it is a new birth. A nobler one.

“The Na’vi say that every person is born twice. The second time is when you earn your place among the people, forever.”

Jake sully


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