Design for an Infinite Life

I was barely past half the day, and I was already bored. One can suffer through 5 hours of boring lectures, but never five more. But I was resigned to sit through an additional 5 hours because of low attendance. That was when the professor walked into class. With a swift motion of his hand, he wrote a few words on the board and read them aloud.

“Design for an Infinite life!”

That eerie phrase jerked me out of my slumber. The professor then went on to describe a host of technical formulas. I won’t bore you with the details. But this got me thinking.

What if we were designed for an infinite life?

To answer this question, we must first turn to the design of life itself.

Life is specific amount of energy infused into a very specific combination of matter. The energy mentioned, is obtained from the surrounding universe. Life on earth gains its ultimate energy from the sun, which in turn generates energy from a fusion reaction between hydrogen and helium atoms. These atoms are set in motion (gain energy) by the forces of nature, which in turn receive their influence from the universe, which has a finite amount of energy + matter. Since the universe possesses a finite amount of energy and matter, it doesn’t give away freely. Like a bank, the universe loans us a small portion of that energy so that we can live. And like every loan, the universe expects it to be paid back in full.

And when we die, our energy debt is repaid to the universe.

Therefore, we plainly arrive at the conclusion that …

Life is designed to be finite.

But a curious mind must venture into an impossible reality. Imagine if the Universe had an infinite supply of energy and matter. As a consequence, life wouldn’t be constrained to a finite span of time. That would mean that there could very well be immortal humans.

Let’s investigate the life of one such immortal.

An immortal would have no reason to eat, since he would never die. So we’d never know the pleasure of eating a luscious peace of steak. Or the ecstasy of fine dining. And by extension, we won’t have a mouth. Also speech would be non-existent  – Since it is just a time saving method of expression. But as we don’t need to save time in an infinite life, we wouldn’t communicate through speech. We could take the time to evolve communication through brainwaves.

Also, since no one ever dies, there would be no logical reason for sex to exist. The death of romance, seduction and other erotic pleasures would follow. Also, men wouldn’t have penises to boast of and since women wouldn’t give birth, they wouldn’t have breasts and vaginas that men adore. In fact, there would be no separate genders in an immortal human. There would be just one neutral gender. Talk about the death of one kind of chemistry!

Also in an infinite life, there would be no fear of death. And since there would be no death, there would be no ambition. And an ambition-less world would sincerely be an evolution less world. We would never evolve from single celled organisms. Or may be bunches of proteins themselves wouldn’t evolve to the single celled organism stage. Or maybe, atoms wouldn’t come together to form proteins. Or if you extend this logic to the sub atomic level, there would be no cause for subatomic particles to form atoms.

In short, the universe would just be a gigantic soup of energy flowing around aimlessly.


Look at the image above. This is what the universe would look like if life were infinite.



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