The Myopia Myth

Once you go glasses, you never go naked (eye) again!

For a great while, I believed if I ever started wearing spectacles, I would have to wear them all my life. At least, that was what I’d heard from people who wore glasses. So with a heavy stone over my instinct, I believed them. But here’s what my instinct told me :

The size of the lens is adjusted by muscles. And all muscles can be rehabilitated. No muscular configuration is permanent. Hence the muscles that expand or contract the lens can be brought back to the original position through exercise/therapy.

But like all instincts facing the massive general opinion, I silenced my inner voice. And from then on, I worked hard to keep my eyes healthy. I promised myself that I would never need to start wearing glasses.

So I kept my eyes healthy. I ate a lot carrots. Also, I read books instead of reading on the internet. And whenever I could, I spent a while in pitch darkness, adjusting my pupils to it. In short, I just minimized the time I exposed my eyes to artificial light. All this worked very well until college ended and I was off to get a bachelor’s degree.

This was the time when I developed a keen interest in writing. I started spending tremendous amounts of time on the computer, typing my days away. And in that authory fervour, I lost focus on keeping my eyes healthy.

And soon enough, I developed a 0.25 power in both my eyes.  And I though, my fate was practically sealed. I’d have to spend my days looking at the world through a glass wall.

Here ends the first half of the story. The second half has a beginning, which I will tell you in a minute. But the end of the second half, is something I leave to your own action and effort.

The second half began when I stumbled across a video about reversing eye defects. I found it to be quite sound and useful. I m sharing the video down below, and I urge every reader (power or no power) to watch it at least once.



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