Do you speak maths?

Everyone knows maths has problems. And you have to solve them. That is about it. Even those with a Ph.D. in maths treat it as a subject, an area of learning, that consists of questions that have to be answered.

And this has been the norm since modern education began. For maybe around 300 years, maths has never changed. But what if it did?

Ask any average student, from the five-year-old to the college graduate, is maths easy? No! – comes an instant response. And we pin this difficulty on the child not having practiced enough, or not having enough creativity. But what if the approach to maths is in the wrong?

The approach IS wrong. Maths isn’t a subject with problems and answers. It’s a language. Where you speak to nature, ask questions, make statements and nature judges them and leads you to what you want to find. And to find our way to where we want to go, we have to learn the language of nature.

When we treat maths like a language, suddenly, maths is instinctive. It isn’t giving you tasks to complete. It’s working with you, talking to you, dropping subtle hints. It’s a living breathing force that moves you, towards an understanding. And in return, it only asks that you speak to it, freely. And by doing so, tap into the most efficient way of reaching nirvana – speaking maths.



The End War

Life is full of struggles. But a man’s life is defined by only one – the ‘End War’. It is the war that does one of two things: either it erases the memory of a person or it makes an immortal legend

We all have to fight this war. And the stakes are the higher than they’ve ever been. If you win, you get to rule the world. If you lose, you become a slave to your own fate. Under such insurmountable pressure and breath taking odds, the fighting is a bloodbath. The ‘End War’ puts brain, brawn and endurance to a gruesome test. And the test is tiring.

You’ll keep swinging your sword, slashing one enemy after the other. And yet the horde keeps on coming. The enemy is seemingly endless. It feels there’s no light after the night. But wait. All that terrible, tiring sword swinging has made your body magically stronger. You get so used to the fear that you don’t feel it anymore.

And then it happens. A new light appears. Not from the sky, but from your own heart. Then you realise that the night isn’t about the darkness that you see, it is about the darkness that you feel. And when you find victory over the darkness inside, the darkness outside becomes a friend. Your fear dies out completely and with a fresh surge of valour, you tear through all of your enemies. An endless horde suffers the wrath of one determined man. And is decimated.

After your sword meets no more flesh, you stop the swinging. It is over. And then you climb the hill to plant your banner – to let the world know, that you are a victor. You look to the horizon, the sun isn’t up yet. But it doesn’t matter to you, for you’ve found the light.

It is time to hunt.

There is a tradition, in nature. When a cub is born, the mother cares for it and feeds it. This happens until it comes of age. Having a fully matured body by then, it is time for the cub to start hunting.

The human tradition is something else entirely. After birth, the mother cares for and feeds the baby. This happens until it comes of age. The baby has now turned 18. But the baby doesn’t start hunting on its own. It still too fragile to do that. So the baby starts getting fed by a different mother – the alma mater.

This system of dependency isn’t a recent habit. It has been ingrained into the human society over the passage of time. So much so that we’ve accepted the system as a given. There is nothing better and more efficient than it, we assume. And amongst all of these assumptions, if anyone so much as attempts independence – the attempt is tantamount to crime, and the revolter a criminal. The cubs that express the wish to hunt are remanded, corrected, reprimanded or even persecuted at the hands of feeble mind, minds that cannot comprehend independence.

I’m not against tried and tested methods. Formal education as it is offered today, is quite efficient. It creates highly competent individuals ready to take on the world. My only concern is that some people acquire learning through a more unconventional route. To them, a formal education is only a barrier. It is like building a dam onto a river. Yes, a dam is quite useful. But it draws out the one thing that makes the river a river – the force with which it flows. A raging force of nature at one end of the dam, is converted into a feeble stream at the other.

It is for this reason, that I urge my fellow cubs. If  you don’t feel like getting fed, bring out your claws and hunt. Take a stand for your beliefs. I am not saying that going against the flow will be easy. Actually it might be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. You’ll face enormous obstacles. You’ll be completely exhausted all the time. You’ll be fighting alone, a horde of enemies. But in the end, oh brave hunter, you will be independent.

So wake up before the sun, sharpen your arrows and make sure the bowstring is taut. For it is time – the time to hunt.

She gazed lovingly into the mirror.

I was stuck. Not in war. But in something much worse. A 6 hour Chemistry class. But about halfway into the class, my day just turned around.  A particular girl caught my attention.

The professor droned on about valencies. But the girl oblivious to his rants, gazed lovingly at something in her hand. I couldn’t see what it was. So I assumed it was her phone. Maybe her boyfriend had sent her a romantic text. Or chances were, it was a puppy video. Nonetheless, it was refreshing to see someone dodging the bullets of boredom.

I turned my wits back to treacherously long equations.

After an hour or so, I felt my shield running out. I couldn’t take it any longer. If I got even a pinch more bored, I would run from the class screaming! I looked around to see if others in my class felt the same way. To my satisfaction, half of the students were sleeping with their eyes open. And the rest looked like zombies about to snap. But somewhere in that horde of dullness, I saw something shine.

It was that girl. Her eyes were still lovelocked to something in her hand. Which, I could see then, wasn’t her phone. All this time, she gazed lovingly into a mirror. At first I thought it was her narcissistic tendencies. But then I looked at her eyes and saw no pride. Only love. True love.


Piano – A Composer’s Choice

Music composers are magicians. They create magic that can’t be seen. It can only be heard. But the instrument behind that magic is a worldwide standard. Unlike magicians who have a variety of contraptions and techniques, music composers rely on a single instrument – The Piano.

In recent days, I’ve been learning to play the flute. And since a flute has only about 6 to 7 holes, you have to produce variations in pitch by making changes in the way you blow into the flute. So effectively, at a time, you have to take care of two variables at a time. So your brain is working hard just to play a tune right. Now try to compose on a flute. You’ll find it mentally exhausting.

Now let’s switch the instrument to a Piano.

The Piano is a much simpler instrument. It has 88 keys in which all the pitched variations of the 7 notes are included. So while you play a piano, you have to worry about just a single variable – the key you press. That’s it. And by varying the combinations of keys pressed, you can produce beautiful compositions. Even richer sounds can be produced by using 2 octaves (pitch variations) at the same time.

So let’s analyse the piano in the least time consuming way possible!

Simple to operate – check

Can produce complex compositions – check

It is obvious now, why composers the world over prefer the piano. It beats all other instruments in simplicity. It breaks the record in classiness and most of all, the piano doesn’t produce music. It makes magic for the ears.

Art is Glamorous. Engineering isn’t.

Let’s talk about the two extremes of creativity – Art & Engineering. What is your opinion of the two? Which of those you think is cool? Going by the general opinion, you might have most probably said art. And I respect your opinion. Everyone has the right to keep one about everything. But as the self proclaimed middle man between art and engineering, I must push you into thinking about why ‘Art seems cool and Engineering doesn’t?’

To continue our discussion, we must head to the Paleolithic Era. Back then, cave paintings were the rage. Every cave shelter had walls embellished with scenes of hunting, gatherings and other facets of paleolithic life. So in such a stone age settlement, two shelters announced that they had a great news! One of the shelters was inaugurating a cave painting. The other was going to introduce something that would make travelling more easier.

You can guess which event gathered the most visitors.

People flocked to see the unveiling of the ‘Wheel’. The cave painting vanished into history and was never found again. Until millennia later, in the modern world. They were appreciated by the whole human population. Because by then, good paintings were a rarity. As was easy travel in the stone age.


The wheel in this story is the engineering. And the cave paintings are the art. Engineering was glamorous back then as it was rare. Cave paintings adorned every wall and hence weren’t considered as glamorous. In the present, Engineering is everywhere. And in a world where ground breaking technologies pop up at the second, good art is rare. And hence the general opinion that ‘Art is glamorous, Engineering isn’t.’

So if you take away anything from this post, please let it be this – What’s glamorous now, will become boring with time. And the cycle will continue its infinite path. And in the face of such fluctuation opinion, we must remain objectively logical.


Diamonds and Degrees

A diamond is forever.

Proposing marriage with a diamond ring is the norm of today. And we all brush it off as an age old tradition. But before 1947, proposing with a diamond ring wasn’t as popular. Only a few people in the world did it. Mostly the powerful and the filthy rich.

Back then, the De Beers group of companies had total control over the diamond market. And since very few people used diamonds in their daily lives, their sales were plummeting. That was when De Beers devised up an ad campaign to increase their sales. The strategy of the ad campaign read as follows ( according to The Atlantic) –

We spread the word of diamonds worn by stars of screen and stage, by wives and daughters of political leaders, by any woman who can make the grocer’s wife and the mechanic’s sweetheart say ‘I wish I had what she has.’

The campaign took off like a blazing arrow, the fire spread across the world. People all over the world saw the ad and that sealed it. Soon, every average joe was proposing the love of his life with a De Beers diamond. And as the ritual was passed down through generations, people forgot where the tradition came from – marketing.


College degrees are a logical necessity. It is imperative to have one if you want to succeed in life. And there is no other way to earn an education.

But before the rise and boom of capitalism, there were multiple paths to an education (including degrees).

But the corporations and companies that sprouted with capitalism, needed individuals who were specifically trained to do one particular job accurately. And the college degree was one method of education that did exactly that – training individuals in a narrow area of expertise.

Although the capitalist system wouldn’t work if there weren’t enough employees to staff the corporations of the world. So the College Degree was popularised as the ‘only’ method of earning an a solid education. And like the De Beers ad campaign, it took no time for people to mentally associate a college degree with the concept of success.

The mental correlation goes something like this :

College Degree – Good Job – Great money – Successful life

The real correlation is something like this :

College Degree – Specifically Trained Staff –  More Profits – Successful Business Venture.

Well, some might argue that the increasing profits of corporations around the world also raise the standard of human life. That I have to agree.  But what we forget in the meanwhile, is that College Degrees aren’t a logical necessity for an education. They’re just a consequence of the capitalist structure of our world.

There are other ways to get a solid education for a happy successful life. We have just been following the way of the college degree for so long that we have forgotten the other ways.


Elon Musk – “There is no need to even have a college degree.. at all” ( in a TV interview)