Remember all of me


There’s a wave in the distance.
It is rushing toward me.
Do I run? Do I stay?
Any which way, I am a grave-to-be.

So I stand still, thoughtless,
count the moments past,
relive ancient memories,
while death approaches fast.

That is when the question pops,
“What was the point of all this?”
the first cry, the last breath,
and in between, tender love’s kiss.

All that is gone now,
what remains is a shell of me.
So after I die, please don’t forget,
to remember, remember all of me.

Under the starry night. 

They dance around a fire, arms in the air, 

Not a care nor desire,  just dance till the end. 

They think not of tomorrow,  nor of today, 

They forget the past and the good old ways. 

Live in the moment, they always say, 

And let the moments pass, 

Bring to silence your soul,  

And to peace bring your heart. 

Their words echo in my mind, 

But nevertheless are silenced with time, 

They come back at a flame’s sight, 

A call to freedom and a call to might, 

That I might, for once, live my life, 

As did the fire, under the starry night. 

A Day at Paradise


The sun would be gold,

I’d wake up with a smile,

I would sit up and wonder,

gaze at the red sunrise.


then I’d hop down to eat,

find some berries and fruit

There’d be no work, just the walls,

which I’d paint with soot.


the sun would start to burn,

the ground beneath and the air around.

I’d find a nice cool spring,

a splash of water and a song to sing.


Then I’d sleep and wake up,

just to wonder the time,

did I sleep an hour or

did I sleep nine.


To unburden weary eyes,

I’d light a fire,

to help me through the cold,

and sleep in the night.


This is a day,

a day I would always remember,

For it was then that I,

truly found paradise.