Do you speak maths?

Everyone knows maths has problems. And you have to solve them. That is about it. Even those with a Ph.D. in maths treat it as a subject, an area of learning, that consists of questions that have to be answered.

And this has been the norm since modern education began. For maybe around 300 years, maths has never changed. But what if it did?

Ask any average student, from the five-year-old to the college graduate, is maths easy? No! – comes an instant response. And we pin this difficulty on the child not having practiced enough, or not having enough creativity. But what if the approach to maths is in the wrong?

The approach IS wrong. Maths isn’t a subject with problems and answers. It’s a language. Where you speak to nature, ask questions, make statements and nature judges them and leads you to what you want to find. And to find our way to where we want to go, we have to learn the language of nature.

When we treat maths like a language, suddenly, maths is instinctive. It isn’t giving you tasks to complete. It’s working with you, talking to you, dropping subtle hints. It’s a living breathing force that moves you, towards an understanding. And in return, it only asks that you speak to it, freely. And by doing so, tap into the most efficient way of reaching nirvana – speaking maths.



Winter is a test.

It is in spring, that most animals are born. And the circle of life begins anew. For a while, all is splendid. Trees blossom with a fresh batch of foliage. The sun shines with its full might. Deers go round grazing on the bountiful grass. And lions, well they go about pouncing on the deers. Everything is as it should be.

But then winter arrives. The sun creeps away from the earth ever so slightly. But the effect is profound. Temperatures drop like a rock and the cold wind starts howling. The lion braves the winter and chases the deer once again. But this time, his lungs are fighting to breathe. The air is heavier. The deer runs with all his might, but only as fast as his slender legs would allow through the thick snow. The prey and predator, both struggle to keep up.

Winter is a criminal of nature and its crime is to cut the energy intake of the ecosystem. And the result is that life, in general, struggles to keep up. The cold air and dimmed sun test the survival of the ecosystem. Those that survive, get to live through to the next winter. Those that fail, have their lives taken away from them.

And that is why, winter is a test. A test of the life force within you. And it comes back every year. So better be prepared than not. The night is dark and full of terrors, for winter… is coming.


This piece is dedicated to those ‘Mindfeeders’ who are on a steadfast wait for Game of Thrones Season 8. Hang in there people, Jon Snow will be back. So will the Night king.

Valar Morghulis!


Death by Dip Pens

I recently bought my first dip pen. And this is the ghastly image I conjured up with it. Tell me what you think about this sketch. Does it feel real? Or does it feel like I murdered the paper with my pen. Be as brutally honest as you want… even to the point of being blunt.

Death sends its regards-01.jpg

An Open Letter to Freedom

My Dear Freedom,

I know what it feels like to speak but not be heard. I can understand what you are going through. You’ve spent centuries trying to get your message through. And now you feel like walls would’ve been more receptive than humans. What you feel is completely justified.

There are many people on this earth that understand what you mean. But they’re hugely outnumbered by those that feel you shouldn’t exist at all. I disagree with those people. They’re idiots. They’re minds are artefacts of a bygone era. They believe that those who are inferior are meant to serve the superior. And mind you, these people exist in every nook and corner of the Earth. Bossy parents, bullies, thugs and criminals, terrorists,dictators and last but not the least, arrogant politicians. So even if the United Nations is doing it’s best to protect and preserve human rights, it’s best isn’t proving to be enough.

Freedom, you are a petty thief. I say this because everywhere you try your trade, you’re beaten up, wounded and sometimes even brutally murdered. So if you are being treated like a terrorist, you must really be a terrorist.

A year ago, I tried to fight for you. Hell, I wasn’t even fighting a supervillian, a dictator or a criminal. I was fighting my own people for you. That is when I realised. When I didn’t fight for you, I was happy. But when I did, the world made me miserable. Then I got around to thinking that if the whole world thinks you’re wrong then you must be. So this is the conclusion I’ve come to. It is criminal to aspire to freedom. But it is okay to hurt, bruise and kill freedom. Because then people are happy.

So this final sentence is the reason I’m writing you this letter.

I will be your murderer, freedom. And you will die a slow, painfully horrible death like you deserve.

Your Newfound Nemesis,                                                                                                                                  Human/ Slave

Making a Game is like solving a Math problem.

Games and Math – they don’t go very well together. Maths signifies boredom and Games signify the destruction thereof.  But if you carefully look at the most viral games of the smartphone industry, you’ll see a tacitly strong link between the game’s success and it’s mathematical structure. Don’t worry, I’ll explain what I mean in a moment.

When you play a game, you are rewarded for completing certain tasks. This reward comes in many different form – coins and gems being the most popular ones. Lets take the example of the viral strategy game called ‘Clash of Clans’.

There are 3 currencies in the game – coins, elixir and gems. And each of these currencies have specific functions :

Coins – buying and upgrading buildings

Elixir – Training armies

Gems – Speeding up progress of the game

(the functions have been simplified)

The mathematical relations between these 3 currencies determine how fast the game progresses. Also you get rewarded for winning battles – the rewards come in the form of coins, elixir and trophies. How much the player is rewarded is an important factor in determining how fun it is to play the game. If the rewards are too low, it would take forever to win a sizable amount of rewards, making the gameplay boring. In the case that the rewards are set too high, the game progresses rapidly and the fun ends much too soon.

Another facet of the game is that you get gems for achieving certain milestones in the gameplay – eg. 20 gems for winning 500 battles (just an example). If the reward for these achievements were set too high or low, or the achievements themselves were too difficult or too easy to accomplish, then the game would not be as succesful as it is now.

The success of a game, or any sport , depends on its numbers. So if anyone told you, being great at maths is not important for making games, they lied.



Want to be a writer? First, get bored.

Where do stories come from? Some from real life, some we create entirely in our minds. But whatever kind of story you want to write, there’s always a component of imagination to it. And therein lies the key to become a great writer.

A writer needs to weave a story that is believable and more so, fresh. If your story is a rehashing of a former story, it isn’t that fun to read. So a story needs to be new in order to grab the reader’s gaze. So the question remains, how to best create an entirely new story.
It’s simple. Just get bored. The mind hates being bored. So when you’re just sitting still and doing nothing, the mind starts weaving stories for its own amusement.  In other words, your creative faculties go into autopilot mode – creating stories becomes automatic.. or more appropriately, effortless.

If you want more proof, just take a look at the process of dreaming. Our mind is sensorily detached from the world. There is no scope for entertainment. And in that amusement deprived state, our mind creates visual stories that seem almost real.. that is until you wake up, of course.


Thank you for having patience. I’ve been very busy this week, working on a story for a feature film. But come next week, I’ll be freed from that appointment and will be blogging regularly from then on.

Until then, keep reading and keep mindfeeding!


Of who I am

There is a clarity here, 

That isn’t found in the city, 

I am all spent, yet, 

Feel complete in this village. 

A shore that stretches,  

Without bounds of any kind, 

A sky that feels washed, 

From waters of purity, 

This is where i am, 

This time is when i am, 

I am most aware, 

Of what I am, 

Of who I am.