Environment Series : How your Tacho Gauge Meter can save the Earth ?


Something about the TACHO GUAGE METER (TGM)

The Tacho Guage meter (TGM) on your car or bike is an indicator of the RPM’s the engine is running at. It is also a direct indicator of how much the accelerator pedal is being pressed. The more you press the pedal, the more fuel is injected into the engine and hence your car accelerates.

Normally it is a custom to shift the gear up before the Tacho Guage Meter reaches up to 2000 RPM ( ie. shown by 2 on the TGM display ). This is to ensure that the car can accelerate further without injecting more fuel. Also if the indicator starts dropping significantly below 1000 RPM   ( ie. shown by 1 on the TGM display ), the engine may shut down.

Saving the EARTH with your TGM

It is not completely necessary to maintain 2000 RPM. You can gear up safely at around 1100 RPM. And to keep your fuel consumption at a minimum, always maintain your engine up to a maximum of 1500 RPM ( Midway between 1 & 2 on the TGM display ). Keeping your engine between 1100 -1500 RPM ensures that you get a smooth ride and also save a lot of money.  And the low fuel consumption means that your engine is letting out lesser pollutants than usual. If the majority of people adopt this simple practice while driving, the air we breathe in will be a lot cleaner. Not to mention the tons of respiratory diseases that will be out of our lives.

My bit in saving the planet

I drive a petrol car and since I started driving last year, as was the custom, I shifted up the gears at 2000 RPM. Then after a month of driving experiences, it was clear that the gear can be shifted up at much lower – 1000 RPM. And also the engine doesn’t break down at 1ooo RPM nor does it give vibrations. So from the past 4 months, I have been driving at 1000 RPM. And I have seen a 25% decrease in fuel consumption. And besides lesser pollution, lesser fuel consumption directly translates to lesser fuel costs. It saves the earth and your cash too.

What you have to do

Follow this simple principle – Keep the TGM at 1000 RPM. Monitor the fuel consumptions at 2000 RPM and at 1000 RPM. See the change for yourself.

Let me know

Write to me about your experience and how you felt on saving the planet ? I will publish your efforts on my blog so the world can know of your heroics.

Mention your experiences in saving the world in the comments section or write to me at aniketchaughule@gmail.com. Or contact me on any of my social profiles. The links to my social profiles are on the right of this post. If they don’t work, I have mentioned my usernames below. Find me and get in touch !

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